Ocho Cinco Plays in Reserve Match

Update: This his Twitter account: @ochocinco This is so awesome I’m an honorary member of #SportingKC and can train with the reserve team as long as I want. Totally awesome #ILuvKC

You get the sense, the genuine sense, that Chad "Ocho Cinco" just really loves the game of soccer.


And, a part of him wishes that he’d stuck with soccer and passed on American football. However, his life is flush with money, more money than he ever could have earned playing soccer in the United States at least.

So, he does a bit of a Michael Jordan, who tried to play professional baseball some years ago. You have to love the effort Ocho Cinco showed though. He didn’t have to do this and risked more doing it.

In the reserve game scrimmage, Ocho Cinco doesn’t seem out of sorts. He knows how to hold on to the ball, which some players never learn. He also looks like he’s active and seeking out the ball, which again some players never learn. He’s certainly not afraid of mixing it up and getting involved.

“I’ve been away from the game since I was a little kid,” an obviously winded Ochocinco told reporters after Monday’s game. “I’m just having fun. The skill set is not there like it should be. All I can do out here on the pitch is probably just run fast. Other than that, I just enjoyed it.”

Of course this is exactly what makes the game of soccer so special. There’s just no replacing those years with the ball on your own, playing day in and day out in the yard, juggling, knocking the ball against the wall, training your feet to make the ball talk.