Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Watches Ronaldo, Messi

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Update: See Ocho Cinco training with Sporting Kansas City of the MLS

Real Madrid players were visited by NFL Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, who is a follower of the team and played football/soccer as a child. Ochocinco is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and was introduced to the squad by coach Jose Mourinho.

Ochocinco then made a visit to Barcelona to watch Lionel Messi play. I’m wondering who he thinks is better, Messi or Cristiano? I’d also like to see Ochocinco play a little bit, at least juggle the ball or knock it around a bit. Then you’d really know whether he can in fact play the game or he’s just all talk.


Ochocinco had this to say about watching the two greats on his Twitter account:

‘To go from playing FIFA on the video game to watching 2 of the best in the world live in person was un-f_cking believable #EPIC’

‘I go and see Cristiano play he scores 3 goals I come watch Messi play he scores 3 goals, am I good luck or they showing off because I’m here’

Ocho Cinco Talks About Training

Ochocinco began his four-day trial with Sporting Kansas City. Got to give him credit, takes some guts to try out for a professional soccer team when the last time you played was in high school.

With the help of Teal Bunbury and Kevin Ellis, Chad Ochocinco breaks down his performance after his second day of training with Sporting KC.

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