Olivier Giroud’s Scorpion Kick

The new year just begun and already Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud has scored the goal of the year. What’s more though, is it’s a genius team counter attack goal, too. Arsenal win the ball and with a few quick one and two touch passes they are already on their way towards scoring what turns out to be an amazing scorpion kick goal.

Giroud takes a cross that’s a bit behind him and uses his heel to deflect the ball into the back of the net. He’s almost in disbelief and overcome with joy after he scores. Sadly for Crystal Palace, they’ll have to watch replays of the Giroud goal the rest of the year.


And what’s missed in all the talk about this incredible goal is how Giroud really starts the play with his backheel flick pass and then hustles to get up and into the box to score. It’s his clever heel pass and spin that really opens up the play. Plus, he makes what looks like a great effort to sprint a good forty yards to get on the end of the cross that’s coming.

In the video you can hear the crowd roar after the heel pass and spin, not yet knowing the Giroud will top that pass off with the goal of the year in the English Premier League.