One Versus One to Cone

Field size: 40 yards by 30 yards

Number of players: full team players working in pairs

Age range: 10-12

Description: Players partner up and play one versus one to a cone. Each player has a cone they must defend. Players attack the other player’s cone and try to knock it down with the ball by passing it or shooting it at the cone. 

Have players work on the various moves they’ve learned in a warm up drill: step overs, shoulder feints, inside outside of the foot, stop and goes, and other cuts and feints to get past their opponents and take a shot or pass the ball at the cone to knock it down.  

You can have it where the players just have to hit the cone and don’t have to knock it down, depends upon your teams level and ability.  Coach can also call out and say only left foot or weaker foot during the games.  Have players rotate to play someone else.  Have winners play against winners so at the end of the drill you have an overall team one versus one champion.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.