One Versus One to Four Goals

Field size: 40 yards by 40 yards

Number of players: full team

Age range: 8-10

Description: Setup four small goals about four yards wide and spread these out at the end line of the playing area. Put the goals at the corners.

The game is one versus one but players can score on any goal across the grid.

Play until one player scores two times, with the winner staying on and taking on the next player. Eight players are playing at a time, so you can make two grids with four goals in each playing area if you have more players.  

Players have to dribble through the cones/gates to score and can’t shoot or pass the ball through the goal.  Players try to avoid the other players in the area and keep their heads up and keep the ball close to them.

The game is challenging because not only do you have to beat your opponent, but you have to avoid bumping into other players along the way. And for the defender it’s a big challenge, since the attacker has four goals to score on.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.