Only in a Video Game: USA Wins World Cup

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The United States will win the World Cup one day, but not for another twenty or thirty years. However, you don’t have to wait that long if you’re a gamer.

Footage from EA sport’s 2010 FIFA World Cup where The United States of America defeat England and win the world cup!

Usually FIFA world cup video games end with a generic ‘they have won the world cup!’ monologue for non-seeded teams, but I was stunned and delighted to find that the commentators had an entire slew of diologue specific for if the US wins the cup!

He mentions Bob Bradley by name and when Boca holds the cup he says “The World Cup in is American hands!” and later “There is a new force in world football” and “we will be in brazil in 4 yrs time where the USA will defend the world cup”, the dialogue director in the recent fifa games have come leaps and bounds since their predicessors. This combined with the rich visuals of the best fifa world cup game to date and capped with the FIFA anthem playing majestically in the background truly makes this video a mouthwatering one to all US soccer fans! Hopefully we will experience this for real someday in the near future…


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