The Best Outside of the Foot Passes

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Here’s a quick run down of some of the best outside of the foot passes by some of the best soccer players in the world. Really, it’s a pass you don’t see that often in soccer, as it’s usually reserved for those last minute type plays where the player tries to bend a pass into the feet of another player.

1. Isco

Well, Real Madrid’s new signing, Isco, goes right to the top of the list for the best outside of the foot passes. Isco hits about a thirty yard outside of the foot pass right to the feet of Benzema, who controls the ball beautifully and slots the ball home in a match against the LA Galaxy. The outside of the foot pass comes at about the 30 second mark in the video below.


2. Quaresma

This pass could easily be number one on the list, but thought there was a bit more bend in the Isco pass so Quaresma’s amazing outside of the foot pass is number 2. The forward does well too, to follow his shot and finish it with his head after the keeper makes the initial save. Update: Old video ws removed so here’s Modric and Quaresma using the outside of their foot.


3. Wesley Sneijder

Again, another perfect outside of the foot pass but the receipent of the pass can’t finish. Here, while playing for Holland, Sneijder spins away from the pressure to whip in a pass to Robin Van Persie who sends the shot over the goal.


4. Luka Modric

And just one of the best passers of the soccer ball with the outside of his foot, Real Madrid’s Luka Modric.


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