Soccer Passing Lanes

In the game today, if there’s one player who knows how to find the right passing lane it’s Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne. He’ll even pass the ball through a defenders legs if he see a teammate make a run. While this soccer drill below might simple simple, it’s an effective way for youth soccer players to improve their ability to find passing lanes.

Soccer passing lanes drill:

Field size: 30 yards by 20 yards

Number of players: full team with players working in pairs

Age range: 8-10

Description: Setup two cones about four yards apart for beginners to pass the ball through – back and forth. Two players stand about ten yards away from the cones and pass the ball through the cones.

Change the distance from ten yards to twenty to thirty after the players get comfortable with the shorter distance. And either make the goal they are shooting through a little larger or smaller as the game moves on, as they get better or worse at the drill. This depends upon the skill level of the players, of course.

Adjust the angle of the cones too, so players have to use different parts of their feet to pass the ball through the cones. For example, practice trying to bend the soccer ball through the set of cones to the other player.

Setup the drill on a flat service, so the ball doesn’t bounce. There’s nothing wrong with doing some of these drills indoors, at an indoor soccer facility or even in a gym, especially over the winter if you live in an area that gets pretty cold, rainy or snowy.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

See the Kevin De Bruyne pass through the legs of a defender below.

Another great soccer passing drill: Passing Triangle with central passer.