Wonderful Soccer Passing Videos

Soccer passing videos: The foundation of soccer is all about passing the soccer ball, keeping it moving. You’d heard the phrases the ball does the work or the ball never gets tired, right. One and two touch soccer is what the game is all about. Find the player with the most space and time and then the player how has the best chance to score a goal. Simple right. But there’s an art to passing the ball between eleven players who are all under pressure.

Top image credit goes to Manchester City.

In David Beckham’s first few minutes playing for the LA Galaxy against Chelsea he made a pass across the field, a diagonal ball, that is rarely seen in the MLS, and a skill that is hard to come by–it’s rare to have someone who can make that laser pass right to the feet of a player, so they can score or get a team out of a jumbled area of pressure. That’s just what Beckham did and does.

Beckham:  In the 81st minute, he launched a 40-yard cross-field laser right to the head of Quavas Kirk, who, unlike, say, Van Nistelrooy, had no idea what to do with.

Here’s some of Beckham’s most amazing passes. He will be missed when he leaves the game of soccer. Dive into David Beckham’s rise to Premier League and global stardom as a member of Manchester United’s famous Class of ’92.

Soccer Passing Videos

Another soccer skill that’s often missing: there are key players that act like walls, get it and give it back to the player who’s open or has more time and space.  Then there’s the player who, seemingly, never loses the ball and allows his team to get organized, players like Xavi for Barcelona or Makelele for Chelsea and formerly of Real Madrid.

Passing is really an art though–at times the pass being made is more beautiful than the actual goal.  And that is where soccer players like Beckham, Alonso, Deco, Xavi, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Riquelme, Zidane distinguish themselves and their football teams.

Ilkay Gündogan broke the record for ‘Successful Passes’ in the Premier League against Chelsea. Making 167 passes to his City teammates. As far as soccer passing videos go, any one featuring Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is worth watching.

Amazing 26 pass sequence and Bernardo Silva goal. The question now is whether or not these Guardiola Manchester City teams are better than his Barcelona teams? Yes, it would be fun to see those teams face off against one another somehow!