Pitch Invader Grabs Cristiano Ronaldo’s Jersey

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Cristiano Ronaldo Pitch Invader

After scoring yet another game winner for Manchester United a fan desperately chases down Cristiano Ronaldo and tries to pull at his jersey. Thankfully the security stewards were able to get a hold of him before he got to Ronaldo. I guess Ronaldo is used to it but still a bit scary. I think it’s time to give those stewards some kind of raise or bonus for their efforts. Maybe Ronaldo will give them one of his jerseys!

Credit goes to VMSportIE for the image of course.

The pitch invader had a long run to get to Ronaldo and almost pulls his jersey back as Ronaldo walks off the pitch at the Theatre of Dreams. It’s really an amazing video since it captures the pitch invader coming towards Ronaldo from quite a ways away and the stewards running to catch him.

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