Sergino Dest Rabona

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Understanding Sergino Dest's Rabona

Sergino Dest’s Rabona: I’d really like Sergino Dest to weigh in on this. Surely Dest will since it’s so hilarious. When a rabona is done and when a rabona is done. It’s all about confidence though really, right. After scoring Dest was feeling it and could pull off all of his tricks and moves and rabonas. Of course the master of the rabona is PSG’s Di Maria.

Sergino Dest rabona in the United States versus Costa Rica game has a lot of people wondering why he did it in the middle of the field with nobody around and earlier scored an incredible goal with his weaker right foot so he didn’t need to do the rabona if he was trying to avoid using that foot.

Can’t wait until Dest does an actual rabona cross and the United States scores from it! Here’s a genius take on the Sergio Dest rabona.

Here is the Dest goal if you missed it. Sergiño Dest notched his first career senior international goal with a banger against Jamaica and then a very similar goal with his other foot versus Costa Rica. So yes Dest doesn’t really have a weaker foot but does like to do a rabona from time to time!

The question now is where on the field do you play Dest. He has become a key part of the United States attack. He’s able to go past players and create chances for his teammates but some say he’s not as good defending one versus one. Perhaps he should play more higher up, almost like a winger with someone behind him playing defense.

Sergino Dest’s rabona was fun to see and hopefully we’ll see it again and he’ll weigh in on why he did it! Oh, and here’s a stat I’d like to know, how many rabonas have been done in a World Cup qualifier for the United States team and who’s done the most?

Finally, here’s Dest doing a rabona cross with his left foot when he played for Ajax.

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