Plastic Bag Soccer Ball

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Adidas Plastic Soccer Ball
Very inspiring soccer commercial from Adidas. If you find yourself without a soccer ball, and want to play, then you can make one out of a bunch of plastic bags like this young kid does. Amazing. In some countries kids actually have to do this.

That’s how much young kids in other counties not as lucky as kids in the United States love the game of soccer. Where kids in the United States many times have two or three soccer balls at their house, kids in poor countries don’t have anything like a real soccer ball to play with. They instead create one. Take a look at the plastic bag soccer ball in the video below…

The kid in this adidas commercial is known other than Cristian Roldan who now plays for the Seattle Sounders! Yes, impossible is nothing. Here’s Cristian Roldan as a young kid juggling the plastic soccer ball in the new Adidas commercial. Wonder how much they paid him for this ad….maybe just gave him a new pair of soccer cleats or a ball!

Yes, this just isn’t a commercial, it’s real, kids in some countries don’t have access to an actual soccer ball and have to make their own. What’s more, they often play soccer without cleats or even shoes but with their bare feet, and rarely if ever do they get to play soccer on actual grass.

US Youth Soccer is joining in the Make Your Own Ball Day initiative this September and encourages colleges, leagues, clubs, teams and families to set time aside on Thursday, Sept. 17 to join National Make Your Own Ball Day. The mission of Make Your Own Ball Day is to use a ball to help kids create, connect, give, appreciate and play. MYOBD promotes and supports the passions of kids for sport and uses soccer as a platform for change.

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