Play like Real Madrid: Pass and Move

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Zidane Lays Ball Off
How do you play soccer like Real Madrid? Its’ about team play and passing and moving.

Let’s learn how to play soccer / football like Real Madrid. Emulate Jose Mourinho’s galacticos with this soccer drill designed by the Premier League’s technical skills advisor, Alfred Galustian. Play the ball and move, it’s that simple.

Who says that Barcelona are the only team that can do a bit of tiki taka. Real Madrid can do tiki taka as good if not better than Barcelona. It’s all about working for one another as a team, passing and moving and supporting your teammates.

Mark out an area of 40 x 40 yards and select three teams of four players.

Two teams (white and black bibs) play possession football, keeping the ball from a third team (orange bibs), creating an eight vs four. When the chasing team (orange) touch the ball they join the attackers, with the team who lost possession becoming the chasers.

For more technical advice visit Coerver Coaching.

The Real Madrid players carried out a passing and shooting exercise during Friday’s training session at Ciudad Real Madrid as they finalized preparations for Saturday’s match against Rayo Vallecano.

Sure would be something to have Zidane laying the soccer ball off to you to shoot. Zidane even sometimes uses the sole of his foot to lay the ball off….it’s worth it to watch this video for just the artful way that Zidane lays the ball off!

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