Player Ratings: United States Versus Panama in the Gold Cup Quarter Final

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Troy Perkins (6) – Not a keeper who makes you worry.  Didn’t have a lot to do in this match but was there when he was supposed to be. Also showed good distribution of the ball throughout the match.  Looks like his time in Norway playing for Valerenga has given him a professional confidence.

Jay Heaps (5) – Former Duke basketball player was very active and tireless.  He plays a bit hectic though at times but settled down in the second half.  At 32, he’s not likely to continue to be called to the national team but has showed well in the Gold Cup.

Jimmy Conrad (*) – Left with a bad concussion early in the match.  Attacking a corner kick to the near post, he went to head the ball back towards goal and a Panamanian defender headed him right in the temple.  A nasty collusion left him dumbfounded and bloody.  He tried to shake it off but couldn’t. He was stunned and had trouble standing up and walking.

Heath Pearce (6) – Still looks like the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers.  Nearly scored the game winner after a good spell of possession by the United States, but his shot was saved. Moved into the attack a lot in the second half. Needs to play with more punch if he’s to play in the World Cup in South Africa.

Chad Marshall (6) – Steady player, didn’t make a mistake but also didn’t do anything exceptional. He was strong in the air though and semed like the leader of the the backline once Conrad went off.

Robbie Rogers (6) – Speedy winger won’t play in the MLS much longer.  At times he wants to dribble too much, or not at the right times, but at the same time, needs to go right at defenders and use his speed.  As he learns to balance the going at players and when to lay it off, he will be a very very good player. Needs to working on his crossing of the ball.

Kyle Beckerman (8) – Man of the match. He was running around like a wild man.  His hair must weigh at least as much as a six pack. He dives, slides and will do anything to try to win the ball or disrupt the play of the opposing team.  His celebration after his first international goal was epic and contagious.  The goal gave the U.S. the momentum.  He will be tough to leave out of the team.

On his goal, the first in his national team career:
"The ball went out wide and was sent across. I gambled a little bit just thinking it may pop out to the top of the box. Sometimes you gamble and sure enough the ball finds your foot. Fortunately it went in."

Stuart Holden (8) – Future star of U.S. soccer. Holden can dribble, pass, cross, defend, hustle, and score.  He too, won’t be in the MLS much longer.  A mark of his ability and soccer smarts is when he cleared the ball he picked out Ching instead of just booting the ball out of bounds as many U.S. players normally do. All the way into overtime he was running down balls and blocking crosses. Impressive for a creative type of player.

Davy Arnaud (7) – The kind of guy you just want on your team and to play with.  He brings good energy to the team.  He was the one who laid the ball back to Beckerman for the goal. A play that may say it all, instead of letting the ball go out for a goal kick, he slid to clear the ball to the sidelines so Panama had to throw the ball in deep in their defensive third.

Logan Pause (6) – Really had no idea who he was until a few weeks ago.  Pretty solid player, doesn’t lose the ball and is in the right places on the field. Don’t think he has a future though with the team, just too many other players who can play his spot.

Brian Ching (7) – Twitters on a regular basis and was fined $300 by the MLS for tweets he made about a referee.  His header nailed the post early in the match.  He is playing at a high level, not only does he hold the ball well but can also turn and beat players.  He is crafty around the 18 yard box, always looking for his chances or how he can setup other players.

Clarence Goodson (5) – Tall and skinny kid came on for Conrad and right away there was a corner. He went up to win the ball but was late and the player was able to head the ball towards goal. Which, after being miss controlled by Holden, was smashed home. Goal wasn’t his fault entirely but need to get a touch on the ball first or a bit of body on the player he was marking. Played steady throughout the rest of the match.

Kenny Cooper (7) – A big time penalty kick in overtime to win the game after being karate kicked in the stomach/groin area.  Needs to work on heading the ball for such a big player. He had a clear chance on a near post header just after he came on.

Brad Evans (*) – Came on very late so can’t really give a rating. However, he could have done better in helping to kill the game off.  Tried to swing a ball in on a counter attack but was short with the cross. Probably should have just held the ball and killed time.

United States Versus Panama

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