Adidas Predator X Review

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What pros are wearing the Predator X by Adidas: Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Daniel Sturridge, and Steven Gerrard to name a few. At first, the Predator shoe was laughed at by many soccer players. What, this shoe is supposed to help you bend the ball better with these strange little protruding pieces? It all seemed too much, but the shoe has come along way. Now the shoe isn’t too heavy or over laden with little pieces of material on top but rather pretty light and sleek looking.

This is an early review, we’ll add more details as we find out more and see what players think of the shoe.

This is the tenth incarnation of adidas’ game changing Predator. The Predator X was created for the leaders on the field; powerful players like Benzema, Gerrard, Van Persie and Beckham. Every single element of adidas Predator X is designed to improve performance.

Predator X

For the Predator X, adidas has developed a revolutionary new upper material called Taurus. It’s a full-grain calf leather that combines unsurpassed softness with lightweight durability and weatherproof features.

Predator X

Optifit construction of the Predator X reduces the material between the ball and foot to an absolute minimum for a snug and almost barefoot feeling.

Thermoform window on the side of the boot holds heat moldable foam that follows the shape of the last for a snug, comfortable fit, eliminating any unnecessary gaps or materials.

Redesigned Predator completely covers the strike zone with a rubber-silicon mix. This soft Predator compound provides the ultimate swerve, control and accuracy in any condition through increased contact time with the ball and incredible friction.

adidas’ Predator X’s newly developed internal chassis contains a revolutionary Powerspine that minimizes energy loss and maximizes power. The Powerspine redirects power directly into the ball while offering important metatarsal protection.

Asymmetrical loop lacing creates a larger, cleaner kicking surface with innovative taper lace design, which further reduces material between the ball and your foot.

The Predator X’s dual compound Xternal heel counter is smaller but extremely strong and reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon.

An EVA heel pad cemented onto the Predator X chassis ensures premium cushioning on hard surfaces.

Traxion FG for grip and comfort on firm, natural surfaces.

WEIGHT: (11.2 oz.)

Zidane Tests the Predator X Shoes

He liked the shoes so much he said he wanted to play again.


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