Professional Football Trials DVD

Update: The DVD is no longer available, please try one of these top 5 soccer training DVDs

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Want Soccer Practices That Players Enjoy? You’ll get all this & much more from this coaching course. Take it from the comfort of your home. Don’t delay joining & furthering your education in technical skills training. Instant Access Now!

Endorsed by top footballers Teddy Sheringham, Harry Redknapp, Paul Merson Lee Hendrie, Paul Ince, Mark Kinsella

“With this football DVD players are getting out there, getting active and becoming better footballers. Who knows how many budding strikers will start their ‘career’ with VSA.!” Teddy Sheringham

Have you ever dreamed of a Football Academy trial? Of securing an actual Soccer Academy place? Of receiving Football Academy training? How about your son or your daughter, your brother, your sister or your mate? Perhaps you are a football coach and responsible for planning football training sessions for your team? If so then this DVD is for you!

Virtual Soccer Academy 2006 provides a fast track program to becoming a professional footballer and gives you a critical insight into the world of academy football. Covering areas such as soccer skills, nutrition advice, “showboating” and including 72 lessons designed to transform your game overnight this revolutionary new interactive football DVD is an absolute MUST for anyone serious about playing professional football.

Design your own football training programme based around your weekly schedule and enjoy a 9 month regime designed to improve your Soccer Skills, Match Fitness, Nutrition and Ability with the chance to win an actual football trial delivered by ex England & Ireland Internationals at our VSA talent days.

Teddy Sheringham welcomes you to the football academy and walks you through the doors into the manager’s office where you will be invited to sign a contract and select your preferred kit and boots. Once the formalities are out of the way you will head over to the changing rooms where you meet the training team, headed up by Paul Merson (ex England / Arsenal player) and begin your soccer training in earnest!

As you progress through the programme you will be given the chance to test your knowledge with a 100 question football quiz, unlock bonus showboating videos by answering correctly and if that’s not enough to be excited about there are also amazing prizes to be won in our unique competitions including a chance to star in VSA 2007 by showing us what YOU can do in the Freestyle Soccer Zone.

Arsenal FC have been so impressed with Virtual Soccer Academy they have commissioned a version for their supporters which will include behind the scenes video footage of the new Emirates stadium and we are in negotiation with several other premier league clubs for similar bespoke versions. More to follow on this.

For the first time ever soccer academy standard training is available to everyone so get out there and get started!! All you need is a DVD player and the desire to succeed…

“If you watch VSA’s videos, learn the soccer skills and practise hard then you’ll be a better football player. VSA will improve your game if you make it happen, simple as that. If you’re hungry for success, it’s all here.” Teddy Sheringham

So for your chance of earning professional football trials come over to the Virtual Soccer Academy website.