Star Skills: Ricardo Quaresma The ‘Trivela’


The Trivela is when a soccer player uses the outside of the foot to shoot, pass or cross the ball. It is very similar to the way Roberto Carlos uses the outside of the foot and the tres dedos when he really wants to bend the ball. Here, Ricardo Quaresma scores an amazing goal with the outside of his foot while playing for Portugal in the video below. He also shows you how to cross the ball with the outside of your foot and take free kicks so you can bend the ball.

Quaresma, who like Cristiano Ronaldo grew up playing in the Sporting Lisbon youth soccer system, has been signed by Inter Milan and his Portuguese compatriot Jose Mourinho. He is a flashy winger with loads of talent.

NEW: And here’s Ricardo Quaresma’s trivela goal versus Iran in the 2018 World Cup.

Quaresma Trivela Compilation

It’s amazing how much bend Quaresma is able to get on the soccer ball. Quaresma has played for Sporting, Barcelona, Porto and now Inter Milan. He’s yet to break out like Cristiano, perhaps this is the year of The Trivela and Quaresma.