Rafa Marquez Slapped By the Wind

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Marquez Slapped by the Wind
Who knew the wind could slap you in the face and knock you over. We all know Rafa Marquez is an exceptional passer of the soccer ball, even a great player during his time at Barcelona. However, his antics during and after the game usually get the best of him. As was the case versus the LA Galaxy, when, after the final whistle, Marquez throws the ball at Landon Donovan and when Juninho pushes him for doing it, he acts like he’s been slapped in the face and goes down.

It’s really a shame to have a player like Marquez, who’s paid $4.6 million dollars to play in the MLS, to act so stupidly. Some players on the Galaxy and the Red Bulls are making less than $50,000. Both Rafa Marquez and Juninho were red carded after the game for their actions and will miss the next game in LA. This is like some kind of Caravaggio painting you might see at an art gallery come to life.

When you’re paying a guy that much money, a veteran of World Cups, you’d expect some class and respect for the game and the league. Marquez is a disgrace. Here’s the phantom slap to the face and the going down like he got shot in a gif picture form.

Landon Donovan had this to say after the game:

“In all my years in this league, I’ve not played against a cheaper team than that, and they’ve been doing it all year.”

Donovan, Henry, and Beckham react to fight and Marquez red card.

Landon Donovan, Thierry Henry and David Beckham give their version of what they saw after the final whistle blew.

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