Ramires & Torres Give & Go

Fernando Torres has shown some signs of life lately. You’d think that after missing a wide open goal against Manchester United he might just up and quit. But he’s started to fight back and try to get his game back. He’s now doing all the hard work off the ball, making runs, playing good passes.

That’s what he did in their Champions League match versus Racing Genk, when he played a lovely little through ball to Ramires just over the defender. It was a fantastic give and go, as Torres lifted the ball up into the air for the Brazilian to run on to and score.


However, the odd part was the celebration afterwards between Ramires and David Luiz. It was a strange sort of bowing to the front and side type of dance. What’s worse, and stranger still, was Luiz was chosen to take the penalty kick for Chelsea in Lampard’s absence. Luiz had his penalty kick saved so there was no bobbing and bowing celebration. Too bad really, the mad clown is always entertaining.

Apparently the dance the two are doing is a craze right now in Brazil. The Joao Sorrisao dance, which means more or less,  ‘Johnny Big Smiles’.

And then the L in the picture below was for former Brazilian President Lula, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Ramires said after the match: “David Luiz and I agreed on the way to the game to pay tribute to Lula that if any of us make a goal. Thank God I was able to score and we commemorated. It was a way we could give our support and show that we are rooting for him.  Lula has a life story that serves as an example for many Brazilians. I’m sure you’ll be able to win this fight against cancer. We are all praying for that to happen.”