Megan Rapinoe Puts Up Her Hand to the Face of Canadian Player

Is this my favorite Megan Rapinoe soccer move? Yes, that’s Megan Rapinoe and she’s putting up her hand to the face of a Canadian player. It’s hard to make out exactly who it is, but I think it’s the same Canadian soccer player who stomped on Carli Lloyd’s head, none other than Melisssa Tancredi.

Yes, Rapinoe’s had enough of her and is giving her the old, “Talk to the hand.” If you want to master Rapinoe’s soccer moves and learn how to play like Rapinoe go here.

When Rapinoe retires from the game she’ll go down in women’s soccer history as one of the best players of all-time. In some ways she a bit like Beckham, in that they get a lot of press related to what they do off the field but both players were and are exceptional on the soccer field. Rapinoe plays the game with style. She’s not afraid to take players on and can pass and see the field like few others.

Megan Rapinoe Talk to the Hand Move

Increasingly the United States versus Canada game is getting more intense. I expect to see more of this talk to the hand type stuff when the two countries face off. Well done Megan.

Megan Rapinoe Talk to the Hand Move