Review: Football Manager Online

FMO is a Football Manager browser game where you take the role of a Football Manager and compete Live with more than 1.000 Online players within the major European Leagues and Cup Competitions.

To start playing FMO simply go to and sign up for free with a User-name and E-mail address. You will be given the choice between different Clubs that are available, these Clubs won’t be the Real Madrid’s or Manchester City’s of this world, you will have to start from the lower leagues and through clever play and shrewd management, work your way up to the top of the game.

What will make the difference between you and all the other users? Your training methods, your Transfers activities, your Financial management and your real time Live Match Tactics.

The following features of FMO incorporate this into the Game-Play :

Live-Play: play the Football matches live – at any time you are able to change make substitutions or tactical changes during a Match.
Realism : FMO has a high level of realism. It’s like the real word – only you hold the fate of a Football Club in your hands.

Career mode: Stay loyal to your Club or else maybe a position at another Club takes your fancy. You decide how your own Career will develop.

Community: You play Online against more than 1.000 other Users!
Competition : Different leagues are waiting for you, from the lower leagues all the way to top International Competition – you as Manager can go and win them all!

Within FMO are other neat features such as being able to build your Clubs infrastructure by building a new Stadium and deciding how it will look and what type of Stadium it will be. Also for the Clubs development you can do stuff like start a Youth Academy where you invest in Youth Players for the future.

To have a more direct influence in the success of your Team you might want to think about the Transfer market. This is inevitable as your squad will age and replacements will have to be made, so you should always be on the look out for new additions to your squad. You will be responsible for player contracts, decisions on whether or not to extend players contracts will be yours.

The Live-Games are a lot of fun and at the end of the day, which football fan wouldn’t want to try their hand at Management? FMO is a recommendable browser game which is free and offers dynamic features that will test you skills against other Online-users.