Jose Antonio Reyes Gets Bit

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Reyes Bit
This is being called the “penis bite goal celebration”. Sevilla’s Francisco Gallardo takes a bite out of Jose Antonio Reyes after he scores a goal for Sevilla. The bite by Gallardo is a bit too close for comfort though. Looks like he bites Reyes right on his private parts. But at least it’s sort of a friendly, celebratory bite, and not a bite from the likes of Luis Suarez. Here’s what Reyes said about the biting celebration incident:

“I felt a bit of a pinch but I didn’t realize what Gallardo had done until I saw the video,” Reyes said. “The worst thing about it is the teasing I’m going to get from my team mates.”

The image above is a little bit blurry but in the video below you can clearly see that Gallardo takes a bit out of Reyes near his private region.

The Sevilla legend Jose Antonio Reyes would go on to star at Arsenal and Real Madrid but will always be known for the years he played in Sevilla.

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