Investing in the Right Gear When Playing Soccer

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If you are thinking about playing soccer, you will need equipment that will protect you from getting injured, support your body, and enhance play. You will need to select the right kind of gear for you; whether you are playing with friends for fun, or for more serious games, there are a range of practical things you will need to get.

Soccer shoes

There are many kinds of shoes available, depending on the surface you are playing on. Getting the right shoes is very important in order to support your feet and heels, kick the ball, and grip the surface of the soccer field. Some of the soccer shoes available are:

• Firm ground soccer shoes – they are the classic soccer shoes suitable for natural grass; they have rubber studs on the bottom.

• Hybrid soccer cleats – these are more suitable for artificial grass, and the cleats (studs) are suitable for firmer ground such as artificial pitches. Some have no cleats or cleats that can be removed.

• Soft ground soccer shoes – these have longer cleats to allow traction on wet, soft, and muddy surfaces.

Shin pads

Shin pads that are strapped to your lower leg are an important part of your gear as they protect the shins from any injuries. The shins are a very vulnerable part of the body when playing soccer as they can be hit during tackles. Lightweight shin pads allow the legs to move freely but support them during the match. Look for strong and durable shin pads that fit from the ankle to the bottom of the knee, and make sure that they are comfortable and you can easily move around.

Deep heat/freeze

Most soccer players will suffer some kind of ache or strain when playing regularly, so it is important to treat the muscles and relieve pain. Deep heat and deep freeze contain a special ingredient that works together with your body’s natural enzymes to create heat that can treat a range of muscular pains. If you have any aching or strained muscles, you can rub this onto the areas, where it will dilate your blood vessels and relax the muscles; working with the body’s natural enzymes, it creates a very powerful and effective pain killer.

Compression support

Compression garments can be used to support different areas of the body while playing soccer, and they prevent chafing and rashes. They keep the muscles warm and stop muscle strains and fatigue. They are also effective after playing as they can ease any stiff muscles, and recovery time is faster.

Soccer Players Playing in Tights

There are ranges of compression underwear available that can be worn under your normal clothing or soccer gear. Compression support allows muscles to recover post-match quicker than with no compression garment worn. You can get compression socks, shorts, underwear, and shirts made from a spandex-like material.

Before you buy any practical gear for playing soccer, make sure that you understand the types of gear available and which would be best for you. It is important to protect your body, keep it injury-free, and treat any muscle strains when playing soccer.

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