Juan Riquelme Teaches You How to Take a Free Kick

Why not learn from a free kick taking master? Watch how Juan Roman Riquelme scores when he steps up to take a free kick. In the video below Riquelme teaches you how to score from a direct free-kick just like he does the soccer field. If you can learn to strike the ball like Riquelme you’ll score a lot of goals.

Riquelme’s Free Kick Tips

Here are the keys to taking a free kick from Riquelme…

  • Place the plant foot close to the ball when you’re about to strike it on a free kick
  • Shoot with the outside area of your foot to bend the ball
  • Get ten yards, don’t let the wall inch closer before you shoot
  • The closer to the goal the kick is, then the less power you need on the ball
  • You can get better each and everyday if you work on free kicks after training
  • Enjoy playing when you play the game and especially when taking a free kick – why not try to bend the ball around the wall from thirty yards away

Riquelme quote:

“Everyone feels the game in their own different way. People say I never smile when I play but I’ve never seen [Zinedine] Zidane laugh, whether he’s winning or losing, and he’s the greatest there’s been for the last ten years.”