Robbie Keane Unidentified Fan

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Robbie Keane unidentified fan: When you’re next to David Beckham and Russell Brand you’re just an “unidentified fan”. So it goes for Robbie Keane of the LA Galaxy as he stands towards the edge of a picture with two stars as he takes in a LA Lakers game. And it’s not like Keane just moved to LA and joined the LA Galaxy, he’s been playing with the team for years now. In fact, Keane is one of the more beloved players for the LA Galaxy, what with his goal scoring abilities and cartwheel celebrations.

Here’s perhaps one of the greatest photos of all time though for the Irishman. Keane, the unidentified fan. As though Keane was a random person perhaps looking for an autograph and just jumped into the photograph. See the caption in the photo below.

Keep the chin up Robbie; you’ll win over those fickle Hollywood folk eventually. See photo.

Oh look, Keane has brought another unidentified fan with him to a LA Lakers game to sit with David Beckham. Yeah, that’s…Steven Gerrard who also now plays for the LA Galaxy. I’m guessing this big time soccer stars enjoy sort of fading into the background when they’re in the United States and hanging out with Beckham. Back in England they can’t go anywhere without being identified.

There has been take of late that Robbie Keane could become the new coach of the LA Galaxy. So maybe next time he attends a Lakers game with Beckham he won’t be the unidentified fan anymore.

What will always be true though is Robbie Keane will be a legend for LA Galaxy fans.


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