Robert Green’s Blunder in Pictures

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Robert Green’s misplay (that’s putting it kindly), and the ensuing goal, has been called a blunder, a bobble, a gaffe, a howler, a fumble, and much more, and much more worse.

Green did bounce back and make a good save on Altidore’s shot, tipping it off the bar, but he will forever have to live with conceding this terrible gift of a goal. Hopefully, he continues to play in the World Cup and gets another chance to redeem himself.

Here’s the blunder or gaffe or whatever you want to call it in pictures. A few players have said the new addias ball was partly to blame, but others have said that Green just didn’t get his body in front of the ball, which is goalkeeping 101.

Let’s look back at the goal in pictures and through the eyes and in the words of John Terry. As he saw the goal unfold behind him.

Everything seems fine, it’s just a routine shot from the looks of it. A nothing shot. Looks alright so far. He’s got it.

Robert Green's Blunder

No, sorry, doesn’t look so good.

Robert Green's Blunder

Uh-oh, not looking good at all. He doesn’t have it.

Robert Green's Blunder

What in the hell.

Robert Green's Blunder

No way! For the love of….

Robert Green's Blunder

I can’t believe this is happening to us. We are cursed. Our keepers are cursed.

Robert Green's Blunder

I don’t even want to look back. Take a breath.

Robert Green's Blunder

All photos by Michael Sohn / AP.

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