Robert Pires – How to Beat a Player

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Why not learn how to beat a player from one of the best, Robert Pires. The Frenchmen became a legend while playing with Arsenal. Pires then moved on to La Liga to play for Villarreal. Here he shows you how to beat a player on the dribble and with a one two or give and go.

Pires: “Today, football gets faster and faster, with lots of moves. So you need to play with your brain as well as your feet.”

Pires was one of the best soccer players in the world during his time at Arsenal. He’s perhaps an understated player, not as flashy as a lot of other soccer stars but very effective. He was very clever with the soccer ball and created a lot of chances for his teammates. He must have been involved in a ton of Thierry Henry’s goals. Pires was also a stylish player, in that he was smooth and creative on the pitch. When got the ball you knew something exciting was about to happen.

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