What Soccer Shoes Does Robin Van Persie Wear?

What soccer shoes does the Dutchman wear while he’s scoring goals. That’s the question we’re asking. What soccer cleats does he slip on to cut, turn, and juke past defenders. Van Persie is a unique player, since he can score goals but also set players up and from time to time pulls off the amazing move.

Van Persie wears the new adidas Predator X TRX in the bright yellow colorway or in the black, as he did in the 2010 World Cup final. He’s also been known to wear the white colorway for Arsenal. This is the tenth incarnation of the adidas Predator. So I’m guessing adidas knows what they’re doing by now and the players must really like the Predator shoe if they keep wearing them.

Robin Van Persie Soccer Cleats

Van Persie seems to have turned the corner now and playing like his old self again. Which means he’s scoring goals again for Arsenal. The knock against Van Persie is that he’s injury prone, however, after scoring a hat trick against Wigan this past weekend it looks like Van Persie will again be his deadly goal scoring self.

Arsene Wenger had this to say about Van Persie:

“It has made him a lot stronger mentally because he had to fight against disappointments,” said the manager. “This is what makes you strong in life."

I’m guessing he’ll stick with the yellow colorway for a while since that’s the shoe that’s put him back on his scoring touch. Those black addias Predator cleats he wore in the World Cup final, don’t think he’ll break those out for a while, since he was stopped by Iker Casillas on at least two occassions when he was in one versus one with the Spanish keeper.

Robin Van Persie Soccer Shoes