Robinho & Gravesen in a Fight

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Robinho and Gravesen couldn’t be more different as far as soccer players go. One skinny one strong. One super skilled on the ball and one good but not great on the ball.  There was a bust up in a Real Madrid training session between the two. Just look at Gravesen – he’s scary! He looks more like a hitman in a movie. Which is probably Real Madrid signed him in some ways. To intimidate other teams. Well, Gravesen is a good passer of the ball too!

I wouldn’t try to pick a fight with Gravesen. I don’t think anyone would. The midfield enforcer is not someone to mess around with. Thomas Gravesen and Robinho got into a near brawl during a Real Madrid training session.

This was during Real Madrid’s famous Galacticos era, when they signed all those star players like Figo, Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Robinho and then Danish international Gravesen was sort of the football player to do all the running and dirty work for the team. But also has a bit of a temper it seems and Robinho almost got hit in the face.

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