Robinho Copies Neymar’s Hairstyle

Neymar has had quite a few different haircuts. I thought it was usually the other way around, the younger player copies what the older player is doing, wearing, or even their hairstyle. In this case though, it looks like Robinho has decided to get the Neymar haircut. Looks pretty good.

If you’re as good as these two Brazilians you can wear your hair anyway you want, as long as it’s not the Ronaldo hair patch in the front of your head.

I wonder if they’re talking about Wayne Rooney, and how he got a hair transplant? In the second picture down below, it’s like Robinho saying, ‘did you see what Rooney did? Those English players are crazy.’ Neymar then laugh it off, ‘yeah, they wish they could style their hair like a Brazilian.’ Robinho then says, ‘Rooney can play the game though, he’s a baller, yo.’

The Neymar Haircut

Here’s the Neymar haircut – his hair actually looks even longer though on top now. He might just give Cristiano Ronaldo a run for his money, in terms of how much hair gel he uses.

Neymar Jr is down for trying a new hairstyle. At least virtually. Which one fits him best?

Neymar Jr has to guess which haircut belongs to which player. Can he go through them all? From Valderrama, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and more, Neymar tries them all (or at least Photoshop helps on the way) and you can help out decide which one fits him best.

Fun fact about Neymar’s hair:

Neymar dyed his hair blond in 2016 after winning gold for the Brazil soccer team in Rio. He scored the decisive penalty in the shootout against Germany in the final.