Robinho Soccer Skill Drills

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Robinho Skills
A series of short videos showing you how to have the control and touch of the Brazil and Real Madrid star Robinho – or at least aspire to it.  There’s no short cut really, just takes practice and dedication. If you want to become a pro soccer player then you have to put the time and work in with the soccer ball like Robinho.

If you love the game of soccer then it won’t or doesn’t feel like work at all. Watch Robino’s amazing skills on the ball. He is one of the smoothest soccer players to ever play the game. Another one of those footballers who makes the game look easy. But growing up Robinho fell in love the ball and learned how to master it.

The Pull Back

Robinho’s skills are known the world over and these Nike Zoom drills can help you learn how he masters the tricks. With Nike Zoom soccer cleats the Brazil and Real Madrid star shows how to roll and pull back the ball to beat your opponent.

Juggling with a Tennis Ball

Robinho shows his soccer skills with this alternative ball juggling drill as part of Nike’s Zoom collection for speed and quicker football/soccer boots.

Step Overs – Stationary Ball

Robino’s trademark football move the Pedalada (or step over) can be mastered with some practice. The Brazil star demonstrates his skills with Nike Zoom soccer cleats and remember practice makes perfect!

Juggling – The Stall

Want to master the skills of soccer? Robinho of Real Madrid shows how a simple ball juggle drill can improve your control and touch. It’s a shame in some ways that Robinho didn’t reach the levels of say Messi or Ronaldinho. He of course had an incredible soccer career, but he had the ability to take over games and do the unexpected just like the best players in the world and maybe didn’t do that enough.

See more of Robinho Juggling.

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