Robinho Step Over Demonstration (Pedalada)

Is Robinho going right or left? The defender gets dizzy after seeing all the step overs that Robinho does before he takes off in the other direction. It’s no wonder that Neymar said that Robinho was his hero when he was growing up. What’s more, there’s always a change of pace after Robinho does his step overs.

The best dribbles and skills in Robinho’s soccer career. One of the greatest dribblers in history. In the video you see some of the magic of the King of Pedals! There is no better soccer player at doing the step overs than Robinho. There’s a certain grace and style when Robinho does his step overs. It’s not as mechanical or forced as say Cristiano’s step overs.

In this video we show you 5 essential step over variations that you could successfully use on the soccer field to beat your opponent. Of course Robinho is in this video doing a step over or two!