Robinho to Leave Madrid Already

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Update: In a surprise move, Manchester City have bought Robinho for £32.5million from Real Madrid. Robinho’s pay per week: 300,000 dollars.

There’s a Brazilian exodus from Spain, well at these two great ones, Ronaldinho and now it looks like Robinho. One went to Italy and the other has stated his desire to land in England.

I’ve heard the girls in Brazil get quite jealous when another girl looks or talks to their man. The men are sensitive too, especially when it comes to their football and how they’re quality is viewed, appreciated by others. They don’t want to be taken for granted. Who does though? Robinho it seems is feeling like he’s not wanted anymore.

Robinho, from this first touch with Real Madrid, was a cool breeze of fresh air into a team of, perhaps you could say fading Galacticos: Zidane, Beckham and Figo. Can you believe they all played together at one time? Amazing. But Robinho’s first game with Real Madrid is nearly legendary – take a look at the video below if you don’t believe me.

There was a time where Robinho was unsettled at Madrid though. He hadn’t quite reached his full potential – the demands where high. They wanted goals and the embarrassing of defenders type moves to take place in every game.

Is this common at the highest level of football with its stars? You blow people away your first few games and then there’s a lull. Next, the fans and coaches get upset and you raise your game again. There’s a steady run for a while but something else then happens. This time though you don’t raise your game but pack your bags.

He had to be castigated by the press and the fans in order to raise his game at one point. He went out to the clubs after an international match with Brazil in Brazil and missed the flight back to Madrid, and missed the training before their next match. He was benched and Madrid was ripping into their once loved skinny genius.

He didn’t say, ‘where talking about practice’, a la Allen Iverson, but he really didn’t know what to make of the uproar. He’s from Brazil. It’s all about Ginga. You go out after games and might miss a practice once in a while. His only response was to go on a tear and score beautiful goals with smooth cuts and turns and his usual display of ten thousand step overs.

It’s as though he had to hear the backlash in order to bring him out of his stagnation. He’d got the girl. He’d shown what he was capable of, but got a bit bored maybe with the girl. He’d won the fans and the coaches over. He thought: they aren’t going to doubt me again.

However, they did worse, and Robinho got jealous. He didn’t feel he was appreciated or wanted anymore. He was so desperate that he was willing to live in a country that rains a majority of the year and players kick those players with skill.

What did Madrid do? The hierarchies of Real Madrid talked all summer about signing someone else who was playing in England – Cristiano Ronaldo. Robinho didn’t like how much attention Cristiano was getting. And, he didn’t like the fact that his position on the team would be in jeopardy. His playing time cut. How fast things change in the world of sport? One minute you’re the fans favorite, win back their trust, and the next you’re gone.

The funny thing though is they didn’t even end up signing Cristiano. It was too late though, the Madrid power collective had danced someone else. They’d dissed Robinho.

Robinho helped Real Madrid win La Liga, he wasn’t just all step overs. He scored eleven goals and had fourteen assists for Real Madrid in the 2007-08 La Liga campaign . Madrid is saying he’s staying, but he’s been left off the roster for their first game and Robinho is having a press conference tomorrow.

Is his time over with Los Blancos? Sadly, it looks that way.

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