Paul Robinson Miss Kick Own Goal

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Robinson miss kick own goal. Happens to the best of goalkeepers. The greatest rule change in soccer in decades was that keepers can’t pick the soccer ball up. Who’s fault was it? Surely it is Robinson’s mistake but some say Neville shouldn’t have played the ball back like he did.

See video below of miss kick own goal below. Keepers have a tough role to play in soccer. Either the hero or the goat. Robinson’s club manager at Tottenham, Martin Jol has leapt to his keeper’s defense before they face Aston Villa on Saturday.

Jol said: ‘We have a game against Aston Villa; he knows he is arguably the best keeper in England. You could see that before the incident because he made some great saves and saved England. ‘It can happen to anyone; all the best players will tell you it has happened to them.

Watch the Paul Robinson miss kick own goal in the video below.

‘He is a tough lad and he knows you need a tough mind to be the number one in England. You need great character; otherwise you can’t play at this level. ‘England were already 1-0 down at the time, so I don’t think it cost them the game.’

Some critics have questioned why Gary Neville played his back pass towards the goal, rather than to the side as is customary when not under pressure. Others have pointed out that Robinson had ample time to take a touch, and should not have swung so wildly at the soccer ball.

Has the game of soccer put too much pressure on keepers with the back rule change. Do teams try to keep possession of the ball when at times the should just play the ball long?

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