Roger Levesque Celebrates SCUBA Style

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What an instant legend Roger Levesque is and in the eyes of the fans he must be one of the most beloved players on the Seattle Sounders team. While not as skillful as say a Fredy Montero, he’s a workmen like player who fights for the team with his scruffy beard and long hair.

He’s also one of the few players who played for the USL Sounders, before they moved up into the MLS. After only just getting into the match versus the New York Red Bulls, Levesque scores not once but twice, and then does what has to be the celebration of the year after stealing the ball from the keeper and scoring his second goal. Watch how he holds his nose like his going overboard into the water below.


For keepers, just boot the ball into the stands if you ever get into a situation like this. Don’t mess around with it when an attacker is that close.

This isn’t the first time Levesque has done a clever celebration, though. It was his ‘timber’ celebration that has made him one of the most hated players on the Sounders team in the eyes of the Portland Timbers. With the help of Nate Jaqua, Levesque acted like he was a tree getting chopped down.

Question though, when someone scores against the Sounders will they have the guts to mimick Levesque’s scruba style celebration?

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