Ronaldinho’s Gaming Winning Pass Against AC Milan

Diagonal pinpoint pass from Ronaldinho versus AC Milan. Fantastic ball from the finest player on the planet right now, Barcelona’s Ronaldinho. Just when you think Ronaldinho is going to lose the soccer ball near the top of the box he finds Ludovic Giuly who smashes the ball into the net on the volley to the near post. Not an easy finish by Giuly but a fantastic pass by Ronaldinho, as bends the ball into the path for his teammate to score. While Ronaldinho of course do all the brilliant and clever tricks he also know how to do fundamental things like shield the soccer ball.

The great players always make amazing plays just when it looks like they’re going to lose the ball! Watch how Ronaldinho shields the ball with his body and dances away from the defender to pass the ball. Ronaldinho is always aware of what’s going on around him on the soccer field. His head is on a swivel. And he plays with such joy. And not a bad finish from Giuly either!