Ronaldinho’s New Trick

AC Milan’s Ronaldinho always has a few soccer tricks up his sleeve. And even though this is just in warm ups, I’m guessing we might see this trick in a real game down the road. What makes Ronaldinho special is how much fun he has playing the game of soccer. As a player you never want to lose that or forget that – the game of soccer should be fun and full of tricks and moves and dribbling – taking players on. That’s what makes the game of soccer great.

Where will Ronaldinho go down in the history of great football / soccer players? In many ways, it’s a shame he didn’t duplicate his success with Barcelona for Brazil. If he had helped Brazil win the World Cup, he’d be right up there with the Pele, Maradona, Messi, Cristiano and so on. It’s too bad, since he’s such a special soccer player. Let’s just hope he starts to shine again for AC Milan. In terms of joy though, there’s nobody like Ronaldinho.