Ronaldinho Nike Commercial

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Ronaldinho Nike Ad
Yes, this is the Ronaldinho crossbar commercial. The one and only Nike Soccer, or Football if you prefer, commercial. Are you ready to take the crossbar challenge? Ronaldinho hits the crossbar four times in a row with ease as he juggles the soccer ball at the top of the box. Really, he doesn’t just hit the crossbar with the ball as he continues to juggle the ball, he smashes the ball against the crossbar with power.

Is this Nike commercial fake or real? The Brazilian midfielder and Barcelona star is capable of doing the impossible with the soccer ball, so you can almost believe this Nike ad video is real.

Ronaldinho plays with so much confidence and skill that something like this is within his grasp as a soccer player with so much talent, check it out. It must be the Nike soccer shoes though, in that gold suitcase, right? This is probably one of the best Nike soccer ads that’s been made. And the first viral soccer video. Maybe the best soccer ad ever made in terms of its cleverness. The joy that Ronaldinho brings to the game is missed.

See Ronaldo’s reply to this video.

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