What Soccer Shoes Does Ronaldinho Wear?

Sadly, the former player of the year was left off the Brazilian squad for the World Cup this summer in South Africa. Ronaldinho perhaps isn’t the player he once was while at Barcelona, but he still can create plenty of goal scoring chances and is dangerous on set pieces. It’s a shame he won’t be wearing the yellow jersey this summer for Brazil.

Ronaldinho has been the golden child for Nike Soccer for a number of years now. And with Nike created what is I think the best soccer commercial to come around for some time. The video makes you feel what it’s like to play in front of 90,000 fans. The shoes on Ronaldinho’s feet are the Nike Tiempos – in all black of course and Ronny’s signature on the side. He’s also been know to wear a special pair of AC Milan colored Nike shoes, the NIKE Ronaldinho Dois cleats.

In the end though, Ronaldinho might just be most famous on the web for his hit the post Nike ad, is it real?

Ronaldinho Soccer Shoes