Ronaldo Ain’t Fat

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Brazilian Ronaldo isn’t fat. The poor guy has taken a beating by the media in the past and was just on the road to recover when he had another knee injury that may end his career. The best striker in the world for many years will go down in soccer history as a world class forward.

Sadly, Ronaldo did have a health issue that caused him to gain weight that he learned about late in his soccer career: “He discovered he had hypothyroidism – a condition which slows down metabolism and causes weight gain – during tests with Milan in 2007.”

Ronaldo did have trouble with his weight though according to Real Madrid manager Capello. From ESPN FC:

“I didn’t want to leave. I started to have a lot of problems with Capello. If I was 100 grams overweight, he would take me out of the team,” Ronaldo told Fox Sports.

“I am tolerant, I want to understand other points of view. But with him, I just couldn’t.”

Ronaldo won two La Liga titles during his time in Madrid, but departed midway through the 2006-07 season when arguments with Cappello about his weight rose to the surface.

“I understand his position as the manager, but sometimes in football, 100 or 200 grams doesn’t make the difference,” he said.

“It’s about what you actually do, and he didn’t see what I actually did, what I could contribute, as the be all and end all.”

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