Cristiano Ronaldo Hits Germany’s One Man Wall

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is an expert free kick taker – there’s no doubt about that. But even the great free kicker takers can look silly sometimes when they step up to strike a ball. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, from quite far away, tries to put the soccer ball on target but instead hits the ball right at Germany’s one man wall, Philipp Lahm. Even the announcer has to have a laugh at Ronaldo for hitting the one man wall from so far out.

Maybe next time someone else should get a chance Ronaldo….so don’t despair young soccer players, even the best players in the world look silly sometimes and make mistakes. I believe that’s German’s Philip Lahm blocking Ronaldo’s shot. Who would have thought that a one man wall could stop a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick!