Rooney to Leave Manchester United

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Alex Ferguson confirms Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United.

Where in the world is he going to play? He can’t stay and play in the English Premier league. There’s no way he’d go to play for Manchester City or another club. I say he has to go to Spain or Italy.

Amazing though. Didn’t think Rooney would ever leave Manchester United and certainly not in this manner. Certainly a lot must have to do with Rooney’s off the field troubles, and then a terrible World Cup. But Manchester United always seemed like his home and he was happy there.

Don’t forget that Wayne Rooney is just 24 years old. He’s got a whole career ahead of him. Perhaps he’s just worn down, mostly by the scandal he caused when it came out he’d slept with prostitute while wife was pregnant, and this his made him want to escape the English press and the English Premier league and Manchester United.

Looks like Chicharito is going to have to step in and become the next great goal scorer for Manchester United. This game is a business and the game goes on.

Ferguson began: “I know that there could be a million questions on this subject. I can’t answer them. I can give an opinion but that creates a side issue that we don’t really need to get into, but we would like to present the facts.

“[United chief executive] David Gill had a preliminary talk with his agent at the end of last season, which was to be continued after the World Cup. [Gill] says, ‘I’ve got some bad news for you’. His agent had intimated he wouldn’t sign a contract and he wanted away.

“It’s was shock. We couldn’t believe it because, in earlier discussions – as early as February or March I think – he intimated he wanted to stay, he wanted to sign a life contract. He was happy at the club – he was at the best club in the world.

“I must say it was terribly disappointing when I got the news because we couldn’t quite understand it. I had a meeting with him and he said to me, in his own way, that he wanted to leave.

“We had a discussion about the whole situation and I said, ‘The only thing I want from you, Wayne, is to honour and respect the club’s position and its traditions and behave like a proper perfect professional and then we’ll try and see it through’.

“I knew [the situation] at that time, although I did say to him – and David Gill has also intimated – that there was an offer there if he was prepared to accept it.”

In a separate interview with MUTV, Ferguson expressed his disappointment that the news was made public and that Rooney has chosen to turn his back on a club and manager that have given him the platform to become one of Europe’s finest players.

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