Rory Delap: The Long Throw

Delap long throw: The long throw in is getting more popular even in top soccer leagues like the English Premier League. It’s some what surprising that more teams don’t have someone who can chuck the ball in from a long ways like Rory Delap does for Stoke City. Late in a game it’s certainly useful to have someone who can throw the ball in to the box if you’re down a goal.

If you’ve got a player like Delap, every throw in becomes like a corner kick and a potential goal scoring chance. However, many purists of the game feel like soccer players should just throw the ball into a players feet and they can then send the ball in on the cross.

For me, it seems like late in the game it’s not a bad strategy, but good teams should be able to get the ball into a player’s feet and get a cross off either either way. One thing for sure though, don’t think it’s fair for Delap to get use of a towel to dry the ball off so he can get a better grip. That’s just too much and slows the game down.

Here, against Arsenal, Delap throws the ball in and Stoke City are able to grab a goal. I wonder if the long throw in soccer will become more crucial for all the top soccer clubs.

Here’s Delap using a towel to dry the ball off before he throws it in. Somewhat surprised that the long throw-in, or players who have a long throw aren’t a part of more football clubs. Late in a game they are very useful a their ability to throw the ball in so far is like a corner kick.

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