Roy Keane Demonstrates Shielding

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Roy Keane Shielding

Learn how to shield the soccer ball from Manchester United’s Roy Keane. Holding on to the ball and protecting it is as crucial as playing one and two touch soccer sometimes. Shielding the ball and using your body is a skill that’s fundamental to becoming a top level player.

If there’s one player to learn how to shield the soccer ball from it is Manchester United’s Roy Keane. He rarely if ever lost the ball in the midfield when he played. And if he did, you better watch out. Keane had a tendency to get a bit upset sometimes and go in a bit too reckless let’s say.

I don’t think any of these kids would even think of trying to take the soccer ball from Roy, but you get the idea of how important getting your body in front of the ball is in the video below. Shielding is a skill that doesn’t get enough focus in the game. It’s a skill just like dribbling and passing.

Also see Iniesta’s shielding skills. For a skinny and small soccer player he knows how to protect the ball.

Roy Keane’s parting advice in general:

Desire and determination gets you to the top level. Everyone has talent but you have to have the desire to be the best.

The clip is taken from the DVD, Manchester United – Play Like Champions: To purchase click here!

It is one of the best training DVDs on the market. You’re learning from some of the best players in the world and from the brain trust of one of the best clubs in the world. Can’t go wrong with this Manchester United training video.

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