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How does Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs stay fit and keep playing at a high level despite his age?

Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs talks about how Yoga has enabled him to keep playing in the English Premier League even at the age of 36. Giggs is in fact still playing soccer as he gets closer and closer to age 40.



Giggs Fitness: Strength And Conditioning, Inspired By Yoga

Ryan Giggs presents Giggs Fitness – a refreshing new personal training DVD that offers clear expert advice, guidance and comprehensive workout routines to aid and maintain fitness levels; with particular emphasis on yoga-inspired exercises to help maintain flexibility and prevent injury.

‘There is a very good reason as to why I have managed to maintain my level of fitness and continue playing at premiership level for so long’ says Ryan.

Inspired by the well documented benefits of Yoga, Ryan has been a convert of the discipline for years and together with his enthusiastic and experienced instructor Sarah Ramsden, they have developed an exciting and rewarding combination of exercises that help reach and maintain a good level of fitness, whatever the entry level.

The DVD features a number of generic conditioning circuits, focusing on the main musculo-skeletal issues predominant in football and running sports, combined with yoga-inspired excercises, used to develop flexibility, maintain stamina, core stability and speed and prevent injury.

‘Giggs Fitness is a comprehensive guide to the secrets of my strength and fitness and is the perfect total body workout’ says Ryan.

Therefore, the following sequences have been developed with this focus in mind and Ryan and Sarah present a motivating, achievable but challenging workout that delivers a perfect personal training manual to the masses.

  • Main circuit
    1 x 40 mins: Including warm-up, standing, core, chest and thoracic spine, passive flexibility.
  • Sub-circuit
    5 x 10 mins: Based on common issues and restrictions.

Giggs Fitness: Strength And Conditioning, Inspired By Yoga – Visit Now. http://www.ekeepfit.co.uk/Ryan-Giggs-DVD

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