Sergio Aguero Title Winning Goal for Manchester City

Aguero game winning goal: Sergio Aguero title winning goal for Manchester City in injury time no less. And it’s not just a title winning goal, it’s the first title win for Manchester City in their entire history. It is a goal for history.

Aguero starts the play with a give and go and dribbles past the last defender to slot the ball home. Who does Aguero play the give and go with? None other than Mario Balotelli, who has to slide to return the ball back to the on rushing Aguero.

When did Aguero score the game winning goal for Manchester City against QPR? It was the 93:20 minute!

Watch Aguero’s game winner and relive the most famous day in Manchester City history, when two injury-time goals secured their first-ever English Premier League title in incredible fashion. Aguero will always be a hero in Manchester City and it’s very sad he’s had to retire early due to his heart condition. What a goal this is by Aguero in the dying minutes of injury time to give Manchester City their first ever EPL title. Again, Aguero’s goal is not just a game winner but a title winner!

Watch the Sergio Aguero game winning goal thanks to this classic matches video from NBC Sports.

Aguero quote on the game winner versus QPR. It’s the most important goal he will ever score. From SkySports:

“That goal for me is the most important of my life. All the time, I watch that game and my family too, and my son. I think that goal will be all the time in [my] head. When I touched [the ball] before the goal, I thought ‘ok, maybe it’s a penalty’, the centre-back touched but not strongly, just a little bit.

And then I thought ‘I just have to shoot’ and when I shoot, the decision is to always shoot at strong as possible to the first post and I had to be lucky. Then for two or three days, I didn’t believe it.”

Those Manchester City fans who were at the game, wow. What a game to witness. What a goal to witness. Sergio Aguero’s game winning and title winning goal must be up there in terms of the most important goals scored in English Premier League history and not just Manchester City’s history.