Sergio Jauregui Karate Kick

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This karate kick by Jauregui makes Cantona’s kick look clumsy and like childs play. The kick by Sergio Jauregui would make some Hollywood stunk actors proud, but his kick was no stunt. This is a flying karate kick like no other. Did he practice this? You don’t hear much about Bolivian football, does stuff like this happen more than we know?

A Bolivian footballer has been banned for one year for assaulting an opponent with a flying karate kick after both players had been sent off.

Blooming defender Sergio Jauregui was suspended at a meeting of the Bolivian league’s disciplinary tribunal following the incident in the derby against Oriente Petrolero on Aug. 23, local media said on Wednesday.

The astonishing attack, featured on video clips posted on various websites, left Oriente forward Leonardo Medina needing hospital treatment and put him out of action for two weeks.


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