Sergio Busquets Signature Move

What’s Sergio Busquets signature move? Well, it’s obviously the pull back. Watch how Barcelona’s Busquets beats defenders and after defender with this simple soccer move a number of times with ease. Even Pirlo gets beat with this move. Busquets puts the bottom of his foot on top of the ball and pulls the ball back away from the defender and pushes the ball into open space with the inside of his foot. Is there a skinnier soccer player in the world who is this good…I don’t think so.

Busquets will go down in history as one of the greatest Barcelona midfielders of all time. What makes him standout though is how he makes the game so simple and easy. Even his signature move isn’t something outrageous or complicated but it’s genius and skillful. He plays the game at a different pace than everyone else. He’s going in slow motion and everyone around him is going a hundred miles per hour.

Sergio Busquets: “I play in a position that demands hard work and generosity and little glamour, but I like it. It’s my job and I like it. I would rather intercept and steal 10 balls than shoot. That’s what I’m here for, to make everyone else’s jobs easier.”

Is there really any point in trying to press Sergio Busquets? Is there any reason to try to even take the ball from him? He’ll simply make you look silly.