Seven Things Beckham Could Do & Only Get a One Game Suspension

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I’m a bit tired of all the talk about David Beckham’s actions during and after the LA Galaxy’s game with the San Jose Earthquakes. Who cares? Beckham got a yellow card and a suspension and was fined an undisclosed sum. The end. Beckham brings an excitement to the game with his competitiveness that both teams need. Really, the MLS needs Beckham more than Beckham needs the MLS.  It’s a bit silly to get so upset about what Beckham does sometimes. Beckham will be missed when he leaves cause he cares about the game and wants to win – he raises the level of play when he steps on the soccer pitch. Here Beckham punts a ball from 20 yards and not only hits the “injured” Cronin but the referee as well.

The thing is, there were 50,000 people at the game to see David Beckham whip in a free kick, which he did. And then they were also there to see his passion and skill on the ball, which he showed. Sure, he let his frustrations, in losing the game and in perhaps losing out on a chance to play in the Olympics in his own country, get the better of him. So he kicked the ball at Sam Cronin. How about that accuracy? He half volleys the ball right at him? You’ll notice Cronin gets up awful quick when the ball comes flying in – I guess he was just wasting time.

So he got in a bit of a scuffle after the game with some San Jose players and the mascot. What a laugh. It was all really nothing. It’s not like he went Eric Cantona on some fan.

Truly, would fans want it the other way, where their star player who is making millions of dollars didn’t really care that much if he won or lost? After he loses he just walks off the pitch…

Let’s take a look at some other things Beckham could do and only get a one game suspension.

1) While playing against Real Salt Lake, Beckham slide tackles Jason Kreis near the sideline. The two don’t like one another all that much.

2) Beckham takes an emergency bathroom break a la German goalkeeper Jen Lehmann but in the center of the field.

3) Beckham grabs the ref’s spray bottle he uses to set the wall distance on a free kick and sprays right in him in the face. Don’t worry, the spray is non-toxic.

4) Becks makes out with one of the LA Chivas cheerleaders when the ball goes out of bounds. Just to spite the opposing team. I’m sure the cheerleader wouldn’t mind.

5) Starts the game for the Houston Dynamo without his jersey on as if he forgot to put it on. Says he’s not going to wear it this game cause it’s too hot.

6) Beckham throws the corner flag javelin style from forty yards away at the referee. He doesn’t hit him of course, it lands at his feet.

7) When playing against the NY Red Bulls Beckham moons the opposing crowd after he scores a penalty kick. All the women in the crowd faint.

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