Shooting at Different Angles in Soccer

Shooting at different angles in soccer to surprise the goalkeeper. Keep shots on goal and force the keeper to make a save.

Field size: 30 by 10 yards

Number of players: Five players and one keeper

Age range: 14-16

Description: Four servers at the outside edges of the penalty box playing the ball into the feet of one shooter who can only take two touches before they take a shot.

As soon as the player takes a shot then the next ball should be played into the player’s feet. Play hard and crisp passes to the shooter – passes that are a little bit hard to control so they are more game like.

Rotate shooters and keep track of the number of shots on goal or goals. Sometimes in shooting drills you want to focus on hitting the target, as in keeping track of the number of shots on goal.  Use this drill to do just that – keep track of shots on goal as well as goals. Too many times shooters try to hit the ball too hard and sky the ball over the goal.  In this drill, have your players work on shooting the ball low and to the right and left of the keeper. Make the goalkeeper make a save.

The central idea with this drill is to attempt shots at different angles and with the ball coming in at a realistic game like pace. Shooters will learn to pick out the corners with their shots from different angles. Later, add in a passive defender and allow the shooter to pass back to the server if he needs to get another touch – say if he’s used up his two touches but can’t get an opening for a shot.

Overall, you want to make sure that shots are taken quickly, as in a game they will have very little time to take a shot especially if they’re in the goal box.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

Video: Shooting with accuracy. Put the ball out of the goalkeeper’s reach with tips from pro striker coach Craig Reid.